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Who I am

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I'm Taty, born in Brazil in the beautiful and lively metropolis of Salvador Bahia. I love cheerfulness and spontaneity. After a long sporting career and after studying at the University of Sport, I followed my ideals and my natural aspiration: to bring beauty and novelty to every woman's style.

I studied to become a hairdresser and to specialize in the most advanced lengthening and treatment techniques for all types of hair, including curly and apparently untameable ones. I always like to bring changes and improvements to my work and for this I am constantly updated. Technique and research never stop and I always want the best for my clients.


My mission is to help women to
enhance their personality and their nature,
fulfilling the wishes and needs of each customer
through the search for the best solutions,
compatible with their characteristics and helping them
to fully appreciate themselves.


Through my work I want each
woman can feel at ease with hers
facets, that she is free to be whoever she wants    and
present himself to the world in the way he prefers e
that allows her to fully express hers
For this I am committed to bringing in my sector
more and more ethics and transparency, so that
women's self-esteem is always protected e
put in first place.

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