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5 tips to better maintain and prolong your Extensions

Have you just put in extensions or are you about to, and want to know how to keep your new look shining and preserved over time? In this article, I'll tell you everything there is to know, revealing all the tricks of the trade that we professionals recommend to our clients.

1. Do not wash your hair upside down

Washing your hair upside down can cause damage to the extensions and your natural hair. When you wash your hair upside down, your hair and extensions can get tangled or knotted, which can cause hair breakage. Additionally, you may have difficulty rinsing your hair well and removing all the shampoo, which could cause product buildup that could damage the hair and extensions.

In general, to wash your hair with extensions, it's best to avoid flipping your head and instead tilt your head back during washing. This way, you can wash your hair gently without tangling the extensions and without putting too much pressure on the hair root. Also, make sure to use gentle hair products and avoid vigorously rubbing the hair during washing.

2. Apply conditioners and masks only on the length and ends of the hair

First of all, applying conditioners and masks to extensions is important to protect the hair and ensure it stays healthy and hydrated. Additionally, extensions are usually tied or attached to natural hair near the root, so applying products too close to the root could make the extensions slippery or cause loosening. Focusing on the bottom of the hair helps avoid this issue and keep the extensions firmly in place.

In general, it's important to follow the specific care instructions for the extensions provided by your specialist extension stylist, as there may be differences depending on the type of extension you have

3. Don't wait more than 4-12 weeks to reposition extensions

Hair growth: Hair grows about half a centimeter per month. If you wait too long before repositioning the extensions, they may no longer be close to the scalp and may start to slide along the length of the natural hair. This could cause an imbalance in the appearance and feel of the hair. Additionally, waiting too long could cause the extensions to knot and create an undesired tangled effect.

In general, by repositioning the extensions at regular intervals, as advised, you can ensure that they remain firmly attached to the natural hair and that the natural hair itself is not damaged

4. Always use a heat protector before exposing your hair to a heat source (straightener, blow dryer, iron)

It's important to use a heat protector on your hair before exposing it to a heat source because hair can be irreparably damaged by high temperatures. Using hair styling tools like straighteners, curling irons, and blow dryers can cause hair breakage, loss of shine, and weakened strands.

The heat protector acts as a protective barrier between the hair and the heat source, helping to prevent dehydration and minimizing the damage caused by heat. The product usually contains ingredients such as keratin and panthenol, which help maintain hair hydration, protecting it from drying out and the negative consequences of high temperatures.

Using a heat protector can, therefore, protect the hair from heat damage, helping to maintain its health and shine over the long term

5. Use UV protectors before going to the beach or pool

Hair can also be damaged by exposure to the UV rays of the sun, especially if it is exposed frequently or for prolonged periods. UV rays can cause the breakdown of hair proteins and the loss of moisture, making the hair dry and brittle.

Using a UV protector can help prevent these issues, as it creates a barrier between the hair and the harmful effects of the sun. Additionally, some UV protectors also contain ingredients that help hydrate and nour

If you have any other specific questions about this topic or about hair extensions in general, I recommend contacting me directly by phone/WhatsApp at +41 78 654 42 00


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