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Natural Hairs PonyTails

Natural hair toupees have revolutionized the world of beauty and fashion thanks to their ability to change the look quickly and without compromise. But what are toupees, and what are the differences from wigs?

First, it's important to point out that toupees are not wigs. While the latter cover the entire head, toupees are small inserts of hair that are applied to the bald or thinning area. This makes them ideal for those who want a change of look without having to give up their natural hair.

Our natural hair toupees are made with 100% human hair and with the best assembly materials to guarantee an impeccable aesthetic result. Thanks to their flexibility and versatility, in fact, it is possible to create different hairstyles and shades of color, obtaining a completely personalized look.

But what are the advantages of toupees with natural hair compared to wigs? First, they are much easier to manage and maintain, as they don't cover the entire head and don't require constant attention. Furthermore, thanks to their naturalness, toupees integrate perfectly with your own hair, without creating the typical aesthetic problems of wigs (for example the "roof" effect or the visible demarcation between natural hair and artificial hair).

Ultimately, toupees with natural hair are an ideal solution for those who want to change their look without compromising their identity. At the same time, they guarantee an impeccable aesthetic result and easy handling.

If you are thinking of buying a natural hair toupee, make sure you choose high quality products, made with quality materials and guaranteed for a long time. In this way, you can always enjoy a perfect and natural look, without having to give up your personality and your style.

I personally make the toupees after a careful analysis of the person in front of me, their expectations and of course their hair and scalp type.

Making an appointment without obligation is the first simple thing to do to make the change you've always wanted!

Taty Extensions & Curly Hair Specialist

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